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Web 2.0: Reality or just an artificial concept

Posted by palolo on October 10, 2007

To be honest, I was quite skeptical about this Web 2.0 thing after the open discussion I attended this Monday related to wikis and blogs. I mean the web is the web, it has been there for a while and it will definitely exist further on, so what would be the point of categorising it since, like many other things, it obviously evolves. Well after doing some research it turned out that things are not standing exactly that way. We are not facing just an evolution of the web but a metamorphosis. The Web is not what it used to be a couple of years ago.

Since I was not fully agreeing with the Web 2.0 concept I started with reading the opinion of a guy who as well when he first discovered the idea considered it meaningless or at least thought that the people who came up with it did not know exactly what they ment. I am talking here about Paul Graham Lisp programmer, founder of Viaweb – the first application service provider (later sold to Yahoo! for $49.6 million and changed to Yahoo! Store), technical essayist and painter. Well, Paul (not me) posts a quite interesting discussion on his web page about the Web 2.0 and despite the fact that he does not really agrees with the idea, presents a few points which actually prove that Web 2.0 is for real. I would like to quote a single phrase here: “When people say `Web 2.0` now, I have some idea what they mean. And the fact that I both despise the phrase and understand it is the surest proof that it has started to mean something.” For his full opinion I suggest visiting http://www.paulgraham.com/web20.html.

Anyway, what I really think is important to have in mind about the Web 2.0 is that what it essentaly brings new is improved web user experience, larger user freedom, not only in the sense of being allowed to actively contribute to web content but also considering the small amount of knowledge one needs to posses in order to be able to use the web and finally that people do not necessary need to pay in order to obtain a web service or content but they can get sufficient information for free. On the other hand it is possible to start a Web business without forcing your users to obey your rules or harass them with advertisment and useless information. One can be successful by simply moving along with the cutomer’s preferences.


One Response to “Web 2.0: Reality or just an artificial concept”

  1. Mauricio said

    In one of the subject I took the last term in the UC3M master, we had an interesting discussion about Web 2.0.
    During several weeks we were arguing and giving out examples of sites that were (or were not) web 2.0 according to the presenter’s criteria.
    After not precisely a few readings, we found that we could never agree.
    The main question was if it was a technology on itself, a set of technologies, an evolution of the web as we always knew it or a totally different thing, or even just a concept impossible to define.
    My personal conclussion was the last one, we were never able to find a definition more accurate than the “collection of technologies, programming techniques and tools used to make the web collaborative”, however, we found media, and concepts that showed us that was not only technology. Instead, we found kind of a “state of consciousness” in the people who is making it happen, moved by different forces that make them contribute to the web in a way that they expect participation.
    The artificiallity of the concept is clear… a word must be created in order to express all that web 2.0 means, and no other group or individual has invented a word for it.

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