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Posted by be_Productive on October 15, 2007

Accessibility is more important in web services every day. Like other post told, there are many people who have difficulties accessing websites, and we can, step by step, try to reduce the problems to access to internet services.

Nowadays, Google is the most popular web search in Internet, because of this, I was looking for how Google work in accessibility applications and I found a new product…

Accessible Web Search for the Visually Impaired is a new product that Google released to enhance the search. First result pages are considered more accessible than result pages in normal Google.

Google Co-op is the technology which created the new tool. It’s a users’ community where they contribute, with their experience and knowledges, to enhance web search for everyone. Co-op modify result pages about different topics or interests.

In my opinion, work in accessibility pages is so important, we don’t know who is the new Einstein or Bill Gates?!?!


3 Responses to “Google Accessible Search”

  1. Jose Jesus said

    Einstein and Bill Gates together in the same sentence?? Wow, probably some people will not agree very much… 😉

    Seriously: In my opinion, if the Web 2.0 is the web of the users… users should work on accessibility problems too!!

    But… Is it nowadays easy enough for the average user to take care of accessibility??? 😦

  2. estrellagl said

    If Web 2.0 is the web of users, accessibility can’t depend on them because they’d quit being just users. To make it really accessible, developers must work in order to make accessible what a random user may produce.

  3. vatemu said

    Sorry for my sentence!! I only wanted to appoint two important people, sorry 😦

    I think users can work in the accessibility, because developers can study which are their critics, what do they need, how to create best services, because the work is for them and us, it’s for all.

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