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Bringing Accesibility to Web 2.0 (FireVox)

Posted by Rosa Delgado on October 16, 2007

Take a look to this link, i think it is very interesting.


Related to a comment in our old web site, i think Accesibility should be “A must”, and every internet users should  work on it.


2 Responses to “Bringing Accesibility to Web 2.0 (FireVox)”

  1. Jose Jesus said

    Very interesting indeed! Have you tried it? 🙂 How is your personal experience with it?

  2. Rosa Delgado said

    I don’t have personal experience with this, but yes proffesional “as final user”. I was in a proyect where the developers’ team used this or something very similar and i had to do some tests. When i read this, i rembered this project, and i thougth it was a good experience.

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