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An alternate search engine

Posted by palolo on October 17, 2007

Since we focus on the evolution of the Web perhaps some of you are wondering if search engines are evolving. Of course, most of the people will think about improving algorithms for finding the desired search, avoiding fake page rankings or offering new search criteria. Well, an australian company named Heap Media thought of taking advantage of the popular Google and create a search interface that will save energy. The ideea behind the concept is not new, as we all know that computer monitors require more power when displaying light colors than dark ones. Consequently, they have created Blackle, a search engine powered by Google Custom Search who according to ones could save around would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year if it were used instead of the classical version. By the time of my post it has already saved 256,105.223 Watt hours so why not trying it yourself!


3 Responses to “An alternate search engine”

  1. Rafa said

    I think the next evolution of search engines is through understanding language semantics, and understanding better what the user is looking for.
    I recently saw this example at a web page: if a user types “jaguar” and this user has recently visited pages about animals or zoos, the search engine should not provide pages over the car brand, but over the animal again.

  2. estrellagl said

    It’s curious that most search engines rely on the Google Search API.

  3. Alex Bikfalvi said

    It’s interesting the approach of creating a web search site (is it really a search engine?) with the objective of saving power. However, I think it really helps saving power if you’re using a CRT monitor.

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