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Browse the web (2.0) text-only with Lynx

Posted by iljitsch on October 17, 2007

A really long time ago before there were graphical browsers, you could browse the nascent world wide web with text-only browser Lynx. I downloaded and installed Lynx on my Mac. This turned out to be a version from 1999, although there have been some updates since then. The image below shows you what this blog looks like with a text-only browser that doesn’t understand CSS, JavaScript and all the other modern web technologies.

But a well-designed site is still usable this way.

Image of this blog as seen by Lynx.


One Response to “Browse the web (2.0) text-only with Lynx”

  1. Rafa said

    Thanks, very interesting. I like this type of programs. I have an IBM PS/2 that I switch on from time to time. Probably I will install lynx, since it is supported under DOS.

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