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Posted by Rafa on October 17, 2007

I just found this page which provides a definition of Web3.0, which is considered as something around skillful individuals providing great content to the web, and using Web2.0 platform.

While web 2.0 stills needs to be developped and be spreaded through as many people as possible, next generation web definition starts to appear. I would have expected the definition above to be included as part of web 2.0, and consider web 3.0 as something really innovative, I do not know, maybe about providing intelligence to the web (this is called semantic web, isn’t it?).

And another topic to consider is timeframe. I think we are very far from web 3.0, or not ??


3 Responses to “Web 3.0”

  1. vatemu said

    Yes, i’m agree, we are so far, but the thing is, that maybe developers know which are the disdvantages of web 2.0 or how to improve it, and, instead of work in the current, web 2.0, try to create a new version of it. In my opinion, if that happen, I would prefer work to enhance the current version if this is not finish and hav a lot of concepts to discover.

  2. Rosa Delgado said

    Hi all.
    Now, people is starting to talk about Web 3.0, however i don’t agree fully, about web 3.0 will be like a new version of web 2.0. I have read some posts about web 3.0 and there are very different opinions about it. For example, one i have liked very much has been, something like this, ¿web 3.0 or web 2.0?, it is the same, internet will be how finally the users did it !!. I agree with this conclusion, Intenet is on hands web users.

  3. Rosa Delgado said

    Perhaps the evolution from web 1.0 to web 2.0 could be considered like a new version of the web …. i think

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