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Web without web?

Posted by iljitsch on October 17, 2007

Is the answer to web 2.0 really web 3.0? I’m starting to think that less web might be a better next step. For instance, when I read RSS feeds I see the posts formatted in a standard way by the RSS reader, rather than having to deal with a completely different layout for every site. And a program like iTunes gets different types of content from web servers, but it presents its own interface optimized for use as a media player rather than acting like a web browser. Then again, I’m of course extremely old fashioned when it comes to this stuff… 


2 Responses to “Web without web?”

  1. vatemu said

    Yes iljitsch!
    I know what you want to say, for example, another application where you can see your RSS very clean and with a simple GUI is Google Reader. I suppose this application get the information from differenta formats or layouts, and it is presented in the same way.

    Now, I think there are a lot of websites so overload of images, links, different elemnts in the gui, and sometimes, you can’t find what your are searching! One of my friends tell that “sometimes, the solution of problems is the most simple way”. Because of this, maybe, a solution can be less web.

  2. iljitsch said

    While looking for something completely unrelated, I ran into this: The Trouble with Web Apps.

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