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I, Cyborg?

Posted by web20evolution on October 19, 2007

A cyborg is a human who needs a piece of metal to solve a problem in his or her body. At least, that’s a classical definition of a cyborg.

However a cyborg is no longer something from science fiction but something real. For example, if I put a surveillance camera up somewhere, it’s like a third eye and it doesn’t even sleep. So there is no metal in my body, but in a sense, I’m still a cyborg. However, if my metal extension need to work when I’m asleep, this means that some processing outside of my mind needs to go on as well. This is like having a piece of my brain in a computer somewhere. Or on the internet. There will be more and more cyborgs now that we have Web 2.0. Web 2.0 can function as a prothesis for many function, for example, as a database that keeps our knowledge.

If Web 2.0 is the prothesis for the human being, we can analyze the multiple prothesis we can use today or even others use today. Some examples are blogs, applications like flickr, del.ici.us or even search engines, like google. Simple prothesis though, but they may evolve in the future.
What’s next ? To become more advanced cyborgs, as Web 2.0 evolve to more advanced and intelligent applications, is the next step. New intelligent search engines, databases, a sensor network, things related to Web 3.0, … That might become tomorrow’s prothesis.

The odds are that Internet users can be starting to “FEEL” like a cyborg. Perhaps, we are starting to think like the machines. The network is changing, and the users too. The humans sometimes think ¿who are we?,and actually we should think, who am i? (into the network?). Like a cyborg, the users are integrating into their mind schemas, the different processing information modes through the network. In fact, we have differences in this behaviour, depening on if i am a man or a woman, and for this reason, the Cyber-Feminism or Cyber-Male Chauvinism concepts, are starting to be more powerful in the Web. These kind of things start to be each time more common in internet, and not only in our daily life. We should think how it is affecting to our private and personal life.


6 Responses to “I, Cyborg?”

  1. estrellagl said

    I have never encountered with cyber-feminism (neither the contrary) on the web, could you please give an example? All this is new to me.

  2. mtamayoo said

    Feeling like a cyborg would mean to feel more powerful than other people, but what is the point of being (or feeling) like a cyborg if everyone gets the same tools and “powers”… I think we everytime it will be easier to become from a “cyborg” (super-powered) to a normal user (with tools that everybody has)

  3. Rosa Delgado said

    Perhaps i have written what i didn’t wanted to express. A better concept could be “cyber-female” and “cyber-male”. I have written “feminism” and really we want only to refer to the “sex”, nothing more. Sorry, i am spanish, and writing english …. . Sorry again by the error.

  4. Jose Jesus said

    Now you mention the “second brain and memory” we have on the Web… you could be interested in this book:

    “Navegar por la información”, Antonio Rodríguez de las Heras.

    It is a little bit old, but still most alive, and it includes a fine essay on what the writer considers “an external memory” 🙂

    By the way, very interesting your question “are humans beginning to think as machines?”. Any other comments on this? 🙂

  5. Tíscar said

    Talking about women and technology, you might find this interview with Danah Boyd interesting.

  6. […] semana pasada estuve hablando con un grupo de ingenieros de un Máster de la UC3M sobre mi idea de CyBLOG: el blog entendido como el cyborg 2.0, una suerte […]

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