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Posted by palolo on October 21, 2007

Reading again about Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 on the Internet, I stepped into this interestig concept: Web Mining. A general definition of the term would sound like this: the discovery and analysis of useful information from the World Wide Web. Why would we need this for? Well, since the number of information source is highly increasing it is necessary to have some intelligent systems to find the desired information resources but also to track their usage pattern.

Web mining has been classified according to the information provided by these patterns into three categories: Web Content Mining, Web Usage Mining and Web Structure Mining. Web Content Mining aims do discover useful information in the content of a web page that is afterwards mapped into some data model which could be used by a machine that cannot ‘understand’ the semantic of the document.

Web Structure mining focuses on determining the importance of a web page using the graph theory. The popularity of the page could be measured using the links pointing to that particular document, while the number of links that point to other page from the document could evaluate the variety of topics covered by that page.

Perhaps the most popular type of web mining is the web usage mining since it is also interesting from the comercial point of view. There are applications that track the user’s behaviour while browsing the web. This may help for example sales companies build profiles of their customers, evaluate their effectiveness and change the marketing startegy.

Such web mining applications exist for quite a while and probably many of you were traynig to buy a book a CD or a film and the web service was already addvertising you products that people who bought the same item were also interested in. Another proof that your activity is tracked while you access information.


2 Responses to “Web Mining”

  1. Rafa said

    Web mining is a concept that will be more and more important in the web evolution. But I think its main challenge is the same as in other web areas (like search engines), which is the understanding of language semantics.
    One of our posts talked about this.

  2. Rafa said

    Web mining is a concept that will be more and more important in web 2.0 world. However, I think that it lacks of the same issues as in other web areas, which is understanding of web semantics. This happends for example in todays’s search engines.
    One of our posts talked about this.

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