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"Your blog probably sucks"

Posted by iljitsch on October 11, 2007

I happened to run into this post: 41 Reasons Why Your Blog Probably Sucks. The interesting thing here is that the author makes the assumption that people are blogging for money. I’m sure some people do that, but I’m equally sure most people don’t actually make more than a few dollars/euros a month with their blog, because what they write about is too obscure or what they’re saying has already been said by lots of other people.

Still, it’s interesting that these days anyone who has something worthwhile to say can make money by saying it and displaying a bunch of Google ads.


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Which is the usage of OUR MORE PERSONAL DATA when we are a web 2.0 services’ user?

Posted by web20evolution on October 10, 2007

On first place, and for the rest of my posts in these course, sorry for my English. I will try to write in English as better as I am able to.

I agree with Paul in the most of the explained issues in his today’s post.

The web 2.0 is a great idea, but on the other hand, I think it has many problems which should be taken in mind by the web 2.0 services’ users should take in mind, when they decide to use it.

For example. The user has the liberty to decide what contents publishing in a web, however when the user is already into this service, looses part of the control of the personal information published in these kind of web 2.0 services (bloggs, wikies, etc).

For example, in Gmail, everybody should know that a machine is tracking all the messages to show publicity related to the content of these messages. The companies are using these information to make money with our personal information.

Really, do the most of these users know this kind of things? I think, NO.

Rosa Delgado (rdelgado@mir.es)

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Welcome to our web 2.0 blog

Posted by web20evolution on October 8, 2007


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